05 August 2008

Note regarding Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD) and galvanising (zinc)

The former Irish Steel/Ispat steelworks on Haulbowline Island underwent modernisation in 1972 when a 35 tonne Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) replaced the oil fired open hearth furnace. This required a large electrical current to power the furnace and an electrical substation and transformers with over 400 PCB filled capacitors were installed. In 1981 a 90 tonne EAF was installed and the plant reconfigured to combine fast melting in the EAF with continuous casting and rolling. A ladle furnace (used to keep molten metal from the EAF hot before it was cast) was installed in 1992.

Years Approx. annual steel production
1972-1980 140,000 p.a.
1981-1992 300,000 p.a.
1992-2001 380,000 p.a.
The acid pickling and galvanising plant (used to coat metals with zinc), which opened in 1954, ceased operations in 1981.

From 1981 the steelworks produced steel sections from scrap steel sourced from Ireland and Europe until June 2001 when Irish Ispat Ltd production ceased.

Source: Enviros Aspinwall report to DCMNR, October 2002 (27MB)

See Wikipedia for further details on EAFs.


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